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Jose-de-Jesus Melendez, ED. S.

Jose-de-Jesus Melendez, ED. S.
360.877.5463 ext.202

Entry Plan
2022-2023 School Year
Entry Plan Commitment: I will join the Hood Canal School District community understanding that my learning will need to occur fast and furious. I will do this in a most intentional manner to ensure an effective transition by being a listener, a learner and a collaborator seeking to understand first, about all aspects of the organization together with the school board, the professional team, students, families and the community. I will operate with transparency, integrity, honesty, and respect; always.





Goal: Understanding what is important to the school board, the professional team and the community at large.

I will...

  • Meet with the board for a retreat in August
  • Meet 1:1 board members
  • Meet with the Skokomish Nation Community
  • Meet with all staff 1:1
  • Consult with the outgoing superintendent
  • Meet with union council
  • Meet with ESD Superintendent
  • Initiate collaboration with local Superintendents
  • Hold a community introduction/forum
  • Meet with stakeholder groups & business community
  • Meet with student groups
  • Sept & Oct visit all classrooms

Goal: Understanding all systems in place within the Hood Canal School District.

I will learn about...

  • Strengths and needs within the district
  • Native American Nation Community
  • Board policies & superintendent/board relationship guidelines
  • The district budget & state of financial affairs, next year's budget
  • The current CBA & staff handbooks
  • Community-based organizations and business partners
  • Our students by being present, visible & approachable
  • Extra curricular activities and the arts

Goal: Ensuring a successful launch of the 2022-23 school year.

Pathways for Sucess:
Collectively as a team, we will...

  • Plan for a successful start of the 2022-23 school year
  • Prepare for continuous safety/health practices
  • Prepare for on-going responsive collaboration on ALL teaching & learning
  • Foster a strong/ethical Culture & Climate for productive relationships
  • Create a plan: monthly media to inform families on district matters
  • Include culture, traditions and history as a compass for all future endeavors
  • Beging to bridge with other like districts in the area
  • Reach to Rotary, Lions service clubs, etc.